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June 09, 2015


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Miss Crystal

you know what? I'm going to do this one too. Especially, because I love hearing Miss Nancy's laugh, and I have been in her home when she's opened it to me. And I know when I need a haven, I can go there. It is one of my safe places.

Five things I like about myself?

1. My blue eyes are even bluer since I decided to "own my grey"
2. I know how--and when--to keep a secret.
3. I remember birthdays.
4. I've learned I have a writing gift too.
5. I'm a good administrator.

Halle Belle

Psalm 139:14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.

I still doing my 5 things, but here's my C words: cool, crucifixion, crossover, and candid.

-Halle Belle


Psalm 139:14 is the Psalms that it is from.
1. I have beautiful blue eyes with a little bit of green
2. That I have beautiful blonde/ brown hair
3. I have a great voice for singing
4. I have a awesome imagination
5. I can lift people up when they are down
my c words are: confident, careful, challenging because sometimes life can get a bit challenging, clean, compassionate, and last but not least cheerful. ILYGMFMW ~thelittleflower~


Ummm,I'll be back with everything. But I have bad news,Mrs. Nancy,I can't find my talking to God journal anywhere,I don't have an idea of where it might be and even the person that is with it. Not to talk about,if the person has read everything in it:( I've felt so bad lately but is it a sin and can I get a new one?:(


Okay. My c words are: creative, caring, courage.


Nimi, I'm so sorry about your TGJ! I'll pray that you find it. I think it's fine that you get a new one.
My C words are: Cautious, call (you know, when God gives us a 'calling'), calm, capstone, child, clear, cry, condemn, canticle (COMPLICATED word for hymn).
1) I have a strong imagination.
2) I kind of have a writing gift.
3) I have an artistic gift.
4) I hang out with the "underdogs" - compassion
5) I don't focus on outside beauty, but inside.
-Asher ^_^


Okay, so my C words are compassion, care, church, child of God (I know that's three words, but it counts, right?), cherish, crucifixion, and cherub. Five things that make me beautiful: my voice that I use to sing for Jesus, my ability to write songs, my compassion for other people, my kindness to my siblings and my long, thick brown hair. And my blue eyes. I can think of so many other things that I like about myself, but I'm just listing six.


Hey Mini-Women! Here are my C words, and 5 things about me that i find beautiful (I have like....maybe a 100 things, but here are just 5 lol!)

C words: Confident, calm

5 Things about me that are Beautiful:
- My beautiful body, just how God made it to be
- My dazzling green eyes
- My kind and loving heart
- My brown hair (it looks like i have highlights! but i dont!)
- My Ability to show love to everyone

NIMI - I'm sure it's not a sin, and don't worry God will take care of your Journal, especially if it's used to His glory! Just keep praying to God and ask Him to help you find it. I would wait about 3-4 days until I start a new Journal.

<3 Keilah <3

Ilaria G.

Psalm 139:14 is the psalm ;)

C words: confident, courage

5 things:
-My ability to have a knack with kids
-My writing gift (which I'm always developing)
-My ability to listen and respond rightly
-My brown eyes- they look just like an owl's, only smaller

NIMI- It's not a sin :D People misplace things all the time, right? Like one time I thought I had misplaced my phone but I actually had it in my pocket :D Try looking at the last place you wrote in it.

Honestly, I haven't started my TGJ :( Been too busy to really do anything besides school D:

Oh, and Ms. Nancy, I left a comment on the Wednesdays After School With Nancy blog on how to give red text :D I also found that it's the icon on the very end :D

Hey guys (I apologize for the length of this comment) can you please pray for my church? Besides having some rough times, we're going to Atlanta by bus tomorrow. Just pray that the drive will go smoothly and that we'll get through our troubles ;)

Ilaria G.

Oh, and also, my name starts with an "i" :P I don't really get bothered by it, but I just wanted you to know ;)

I was talking with my friend who did it earlier, and I guess I was feeling pretty dramatic that day. This is what I told her:

If I start getting called Llaria, I might forget my name is actually Ilaria. Then I would always put Llaria as my name, so when I go to school, or post on my blog, my name would be Llaria. Then my own parents would forget my name is Ilaria, and then when something really important happens, and they're looking for someone named "Ilaria" they won't call me because I would think my name was "Llaria." Then the whole world will call me Llaria, and I would never be called Ilaria again.

Whoa. What's wrong with me? :P :D :P

Halle Belle

Nimi, it's not a sin that you misplaced your TTGJ. I did the same thing this week. (left it at my grandmom's) Hope you find it soon.
Found my 5 things:
1:My brown eyes.
2:My eyebrows.
3:My medium long brown hair.
4:Shape of my shoulders.
5:Heart shaped face.

It's just things about my body, not myself, hope that's okay.
By the way, it's so COOL that we share things with each others!

-Halle Belle


A few more words starting with C: Choice, crossroad, conscience.
Iliaria, that's okay. Some of us just get really quizzical sometimes!
Also, since I didn't really talk about my appearance in my points, I'd put my dark brown eyes and hair, which looks kinda exotic.
-Asher ^_^


Good news! I just started my TTGJ today! It's even my favorite color! I want to show you girls a photo of it, but I'm not quite sure how to do that. So would someone please tell me how? I would really appreciate it. ILYGMFMW & PFAYAABMW! By the way, my youth group leaves for camp in just like, four days, so please pray for our safe travels, that we'll all learn a lot, that we'll grow closer to each other & to God, & that when we get back, we can share our experience & share God's Word. Also, my sister & I have started being closer to each other, & please pray that it stays that way, & that we'll be able to start praying with each other every night.


I just invited a Christian e-friend of mine to the blog. Please pray that she will accept my invitation and become part of the group here at Tween You & Me. I hope she'll love it here just as much as we all do. ILYGMFMW!


Good job Olivia. Thank you all for words I'll put on my thinking cap right away :-) Olivia,you can send it to Mrs. Rue,she'll really appreciate it. Her email address is nnrue@att.net. My 5 things are:
My ability to make friends
My short curly brown hair(it has its good and bad days)
My singing ability(so nice to have something in common)
My ability to mix clothes together and it looks FAB:D
My ability to be me(working on that)
My c words are:
Calling(we have a special calling in this world,and we can always call on God no matter the situation)
I'll think of more.
ILYGMFMW! and that's the truth:-)


Okay, thanks for the information. By the way, my friend Jem said she would check this blog out, and I'm really glad.


By the way, Nimi, I will pray that you find your journal. I'm sorry that you lost it.


Please pray for Jem, because she is having trouble finding the blog. Her computer won't let her access the Tween You & Me blog, and it says that this website contains "mature content". So please pray that she will be able to get to this website.


Bad news. Jem will not be joining us here at Tween You & Me, because her computer will not allow her to get on the blog. :( ILYGMFMW!


Hello my fellow Mini-Women! (HMFMW)
My 5 things are:
1. My beautifully unique gray eyes
2. My long, straight, Brown hair
3. My ability to help with young children
4. My amazing memory of the bible
5. My super-special, uniquely designed, style

My C words are:


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