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June 26, 2015


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I can either whine or be eager over my family not having a house right now. I will chose eager because obviously God wants us were we are and maybe he teaching me and my family patience. So I need to look at what God's plans are and ask what he wants before I go off and whine. Please pray that my family's car gets fixed before we have to go on vacation (it has been broken down since January 2nd) and please pray that my family does find property so we can build our house on it. ILYGMFMW and PFAYABADEMW (I added Eager to it) ~thelittleflower~

Ilaria G.

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on lately. I've been having some family issues, but I'll be back on soon!

-Ilaria G.


Hey Girls, well, I can either choose to be eager or Whiney about How people who come to our house every Saturday, and are a little annoying, will see us 3 days in a row in the summer, because they are going to swimming lessons with us. I guess I will TRY to be eager, but it's hard! I have to be eager by being excited and saying to them that I am happy to see them.


hi, i'm really sorry its been so long, i've been real busy. i think that i could make the decision to, be patient with my littler friends rather turn into an exploding red hot tomato. and try to think, "how would jesus handle this?"
love ya'll! thx nancy!


thelittleflower and Llaria G., will pray for your family issues!
I'll try my best to be eager helping out in VBS, although I am already psyched! Also, like Keilah I'll try not to be patient when seeing my relatives, who can get on my nerves.
-Asher ^_^


Well,I won't be able to go to my sister's visiting today because my dad is tired and my mum doesn't feel too well. I could be whiney about it because I told her that I'll be there and she may be so downcast because while everyone will be having fun with their parents she will have to spend the day with one of her friends,bummer. Or I could be eager because I'm stil trying to find my authentic self and if I go there,I'll try to be cool and fit in and all that making me NOT my real self and then I could catch up time for my TTGJ.
Praying for everyone!

Halle Belle

So I have to be quick, because my whiny or eager is what I'm doing now.
Whiny: I don't want to help clean because my dad might leave to NY for work.
I don't want to do this because he might leave for a whole month, even when it's his b-day!!

Eager: I want to help so my dad can go to NY, and might get a raise. The house will be cleaner. AND I'm honoring God through obeying my parents.
PFAYABCDAEMW & ILYGMFMW (I toke out the ANDS so it would be shorter.)

-Halle Belle


I'm so sorry, thelittleflower, I will definitely be praying for you. And you too, Ilaria. Of course, I'll be praying for all of you. Okay, so helping out with crafts at VBS was awesome. The crafts were really cool, and today, this little guy just came up to me and hugged me, just like that. It was really sweet of him, especially since he doesn't even know me! Please pray for him, 'cause I think he has some sort of mental disorder. Also, please pray that I can start a close friendship with my past crush (that I had for three years and kind of still do), because honestly, I never really work up enough nerve to talk to him. I got to have a nice long, meaningful conversation with him yesterday. We were talking about our weeks, and he had just gotten back from a youth mission trip in Charleston, NC (it's funny that his youth group was planning to go there before the church shootings even happened). He was talking about how many peoples' lives were changed, and that one man just fell on his knees and sang Amazing Grace. It's amazing how that can happen to some people. And I was talking about my week at camp, and how God just really spoke to me through the music. So it was a pretty deep conversation, and I hope we can have more like it. Please pray for the people in Charleston, and that God will heal their broken hearts and lives, and give them peace knowing that when everything is gone, He is still there. ILYGMFMW and PFAYABCDAEMW!

Halle Belle

I will be praying for everybody!

-Halle Belle


Well, we recently bought a lake house, and yesterday we went over to clean it. I was being really whiny about it, but today I was thinking about how it's such a blessing to us from God. So I will be eager in helping to clean and fix it up, and to thank God for giving us a beautiful house for us to stay in to enjoy the water.

Halle Belle

Do we need to work on letter F? I think this one is going to be hard! ;)

-Halle Belle


I'm sorry guyz, but I'm really busy this summer so I won't be able to comment:( Talk to you in a couple of months! Bye!!:( :( :(


I'm always optimistic so it's hard to think of when I whined. But I do remember when I had to switch schools and I whined. And whined. Aaaaaaand whined. I still go to the same school I switched too and I love it.


Dear God, there are a few things that I would like to pray about.
1. I would like to pray for thelittleflower because God, you know why her family doesn't have a house and why her car broke down. We ask that this family has peace in the tough times and patience. Thelittleflower's family may not have deserved this, but you know the plans that you have for this family. I ask that you place someone in her and her family's life to help.

2. I would like to pray about Ilaria and her family issues. We don't know the family issues, but we don't need to. That is between her, her family, and you, her Heavenly Father.She followed the blog rules so I ask that you bless her family with peace. Family issues can be brutal, aggravating, and sometimes even downright scary. Bless her with the wisdom, peace, and patience to deal with her family issues.

3. This country God, needs your peace. But we have to earn it first. I ask that you give us mini-women the wisdom of how to deal with our country and little and even big ways we can bring you back into our country, our world, our lives, and the Government.You have seen the devastating, shocking, and unGodly situations the Government has either caused or accepted.
I can..
Whine:Why do I have to clean my room before my BFF Avery comes over to sleepover tomorrow?! That's so much work! I know it's my choice but.. I want it to be clean! UGGGGGHHHHH!

Eager: I get to clean my room! I have all my limbs in tact, so God has blessed me with all my limbs, a cute and comfy room, and a BFF that I can laugh with! Thanks God!


Hey Ladies! I REALLY need some encouragement. I have learned to type, and i'm having some trouble getting good at it and believing i can do it. Could you please pray that i'll stay strong? Thank you lovely Mini-Women!!!!

Eve ^_^ xoxo


Sure, no problem, Eve. I'm learning to type too, and it can be very frustrating at times.

Halle Belle

Same here, Eve and Olivia. I'm still not that great at it, but I am getting better.
Praying for all!

-Halle Belle


Praying for you all and Amen Kaylee!!! ILYGMFMW and PFAYABADEMW ~thelittleflower~ p.s. thanks you all for praying for me and my family.


i haven't been on for awhile, so could like, nancy explain what ILYGMFW and all that means?


Thelittleflower, I hope my prayer is helping! God works in mysterious ways. I will continue to pray for you. Eve, I hope that you stay strong while you learn to type, because it can be extremely hard! I still chicken type! I am kinda a slacker!

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