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June 26, 2015


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Sara, ILYGMFMW means I Love You Girls My Fellow Mini Women, and PFAYABCDAEMW means Praying For All You Authentic, Beautiful, Confessing And Eager Mini-Women. The latter abbreviation has to do with this alphabet series that Mrs. Nancy is doing on the blog. Mrs. Nancy keeps getting us to think of words that every mini-woman should know that start with a certain letter. For instance: A was authentic, B was beautiful, C was confessing, D was delighted and E was eager. We're still wondering if she's going to ask us for F words. She hasn't told us yet.


Hi guys,
I think eager is a good lesson for me, I need to feel eager to do my work in the morning, I'd rather stay in bed!
I hope every thing works out for you, thelittleflower, I'm praying.

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