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July 07, 2015


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Halle Belle

I had one thing on my list. My parents don't let me do certain things and I understand why. So I didn't put anything like that on my list. The thing I do have on my list? Worshiping God in public. The U.S. was built on God. Now it's not "cool" to believe in God. I know in some countries you aren't allowed to worship Him at all, but here you are. It just isn't "normal" to do it on public. Examples are: Listening to praise songs in public places like stores or restaurants; Praying at meals. We do pray at meals and listen to godly songs, but people think "Oh, they're christians." I know we are free to praise God in public, and I want to share God, but sometimes it doesn't seem like I AM free to. Ms.Nancy and everyone at tween you and me, what do you think about this?

-Halle Belle

Halle Belle

Oh, I forgot, I recommended "Everyone Tells Me To Be Myself, But I Don't Know Who I am" to somebody not to long ago.
Sorry all this is so long.

Halle Belle


Halle Belle, I don't know anyone who's a non-Christian, because I'm surrounded by Christians. And even if I wasn't, I'd be too scared to tell anyone. My church's annual Youth Week is soon, and I have three flyers, but no one non-Christian to give them to. Just Christian homeschooled (I forgot to mention that I'm homeschooled) friends. Did I mention that my best friend (who's coming to Youth Week)'s brother is (you guessed who)...the guy I want to become better friends with! I hope I'll get to talk to him. Also, I'm hoping that one of the nights after Youth Week, my best friend, my younger sister (who's also best friends with my best friend-plus they're closer in age) and I can hang out at either my house or my best friend's house. My mom seems to like the idea.


I really want to read "Everybody Tells me to be Myself but I don't know who I am", because it is right up my alley. Been on the Christmas/birthday list for quite a while now. I realized that I am free to share God with my classmates and read my bible in my free time (not that I will have any once middle school starts). I thought I might offend someone or I would get my bible taken away.


Happy Birthday Halle Belle,wishing you a lovely birthday and many more years :-)!


Your right Miss Nancy, I looked at my list (especially the side of the things I wish I could do) and I guess I can do all of them. I am just to afraid. But today I am going to try one of them. Usually I wear name brand teeshirts and jean shorts like all my friends, but today I think I will try a new style. Oh and Halle Belle, I feel ya.


Kaylee, that is such an awesome thing to be free to do and so am I! Another thin I'm free to do is keep on finding my authentic self.

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