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July 27, 2015


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Happy Birthday Mrs. Nancy, I pray you have many many many more years to live and more wonderful birthdays. Mrs. Nancy is:
A:definetly awesome Miss Crystal.
B:beautiful too.
D:a darling.
E:excellent in her writing.
F:fearless to try new things. Mrs. Nancy there were some posts where you told us how you tried out surfing and there was one where you wanted to experience how being in a fire was for a character in a story you were writing, of course the fire team was there with you.
H:a source of hope to mini-women on this blog.
I:interested with here work especially her blogs.
Hope you like the surprise!


Happy Birthday Miss Nancy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are Awesome, Bold, Creative, Devoted, Eager, Friendly, Godly, Hungry, Interested, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Marvelous, Nice, Obviously cool, Pretty, curly-Q, Righteous, Special, Tween you and me blog poster, Unique, gone Viral, Wonderful, X-cellent, You rock, and Zippy!!! :-) Miss Nancy, you are all this and more! You have been such a blessing to all of us. Happy Birthday again! <>


Nice work Eve!


Awesome Eve! Happy Birthday Miss Nancy!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~thelittleflower~


Happy birthday Mrs. Nancy

A: amazing. B: beautiful
C: creative. D: devoted to God
E: eager. F: friendly
G: great. H: hungry
I: interesting. J: joyful
K: knowledgeable. L: loving
M: magnificent. N: nice
O: obviously you are great. P: pretty
R: righteous. T: terrific
U: unique. W: wonderful
X: x-stra special. Y: you are the best

Some letters I could not think of any words but here is what I thought of.

Halle Belle

Happy birthday, Ms.Nancy!!! You have helped me me grow in Christ, and be who he wants me to be. I'm so glad that God has put you in my life, and in the life's of everyone at tween you and me. You are authintic, beautiful, caring, devoted, fantastic, gracious, happy, joyful, loving, marvelous, super-awesome, YOU!!!! Thank you for being who God made YOU to be, and helping us find that. We love you so much! - Halle Belle <3


Dear Miss Nancy, you have helped me go so far in growing in Christ. You are an authentic, barmy (in a good way!), creative, daring, energizing, faithful, godly, heartwarming, talented woman. It's so wonderful that you reach out to each of us personally on the blog. Thank you so much!
-Asher ^_^


Ms. Nancy you are: Here's your name
Astounding Never gives up on us
Beautiful Always encouraging
Caring Never sways from her beliefs
Devoted Can never be discouraged
Energized You only let wholesome talk come from your mouth(or the
Faithful computer) Ephesians 4:29


Happy Birthday Miss. Nancy :-)
You are amazing, beautiful, caring, devoted, enthusiastic, fabulous, gentle, honest, interesting, joyful, kind, loving, marvellous, nutritious, optimistic,a prayer warrior, a queen, really fun, sweet, talented, a utilitarian, verityful, wonderful, x-ray explanations, young at heart ( grannies are NOT old) and zingy.
I hope you had a great day!
Lots and lots of live times infinity
Hadassah xxx


Happy Birthday Mrs. Nancy! I hope that your special day is as enjoyable as you are. You are...
A: Ambitious
B: Beautiful (both inside and out)
C: Creative (I mean Christian ABC's... genius!)
D: Devoted to Christ
E: Eager to learn more about us mini-women
F: Fun to be around
G: Gentle when reminding us of the blog rules :)
H: Honest because we are more than emotional pre-teens
I: Interesting
J: Joyful
K: Kindhearted
L: Loyal
M: Mature
N: Neat
O: Optimistic and outgoing
P: Prayer Warrior and Princess of God
Q: Quirky
R: Reliable
S: Stupendous
T: Talented
U: Unstoppable when it comes to sharing God's word
V: Very smart
W: Warmhearted
X: Xtra special
Y: Young in Christ
Z: Z-rrific

Thank you for changing all of our lives in a positive way. You are going to change the world you incredible girl! We love you to the moon and back millions of times!


Happy Birthday Miss Nancy!! You are such a blessing to us Mini-Women! Love you!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS NANCY!!! Here are my words. You are Always ready to help, Beautiful, Caring, Doing a great job, Enthusiastic about Christ and us, Faithful, Great, Happy, INCREDIBLE, Joyful, Kind, Loving, Marvelous, Nice, Outgoing, Pretty, Super great, Talented. WE LOVE YOU MISS NANCY!!!!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS NANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My words are...
E.Experienced in lots of ways
F.A very good friend
G.very Grateful
K.very Knowing
L.full of Laughter
N.very NANCY
P.Perfect leader of Mini Women
Q.Quick to think
R.A very good Reader
S.very smiley
V.VERY great
X.X-tra Good
Z.in the ZONE!
Happy Birthday again MISS NANCY

Love Abi


Happy birthday Mrs. Nancy!!! You are beautiful, sweet, kind, friendly, Godly, creative, wonderful,cheerful, funny, entertaining, encouraging, incredible, faithful, generous, gentle, calm, very happy, hilarious, honorable, kind, kind-hearted, very helpful, loving, talented and wise. (of course there is more) :)

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