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July 08, 2015


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Wow, I'm the first one to post! Anyway, My G words are grateful, gracious, generous, gentle and of course, Godly.


My G words are genuine, graceful, and grinning.


My G words are growing, giving, and gentle.

Halle Belle

If I want to feel closer to God, I need to BE genuine.
Praying for you (G word) mini women!

-Halle Belle


gentle, i want to be more gentle with how i treat people, and situations.
also, nancy rue, this has helped me so much! you don't know how much this blog means to me, thank you! <3


also if anyone knows who FOR KING AND COUNTRY is, theyre a christian band, and theyre two songs: sane, and o God forgive us; those songs go pretty well with what we're learning here. i just wanted to tell nancy about it


i would like to be greatful for all the things i get .


and with all the people i have in my life like GOD and all of you


To be closer to God, I need to be grieving and guilty for sinning. Also growing as a Christian. I love grateful, generous and genuine! I am free to keep on searching for the real me.
-Asher ^_^


My g words is gifted, and I must say everyone else's words are really nice.


Make sure you are only posting one word mini-women! Just a gentle reminder!
If I want to feel closer to God, I need to be genuine. I have to admit that G was a hard one! Lots of choices!


Why can't we post more than one, Kaylee? Even if we don't think Mrs. Nancy picked the same one we did, we should still be able to post them. They're all important words, and it helps us really think.


My G words were gracious godly and others I can't remember.

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