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August 11, 2015


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I KNOW God is there because I can see him working in others and my life. Also, like Miss Nancy, I feel peace even in tough situations because I just know I can trust Him. Knowing is a good one! Also, Maeryn is adorable! Please continue to pray for my family's move, y'all are in my prayers too!
-Asher ^_^


I KNOW God is there because on days I do a devo, read the bible and pray asking him to have a good day, then I USUALLY do.
Thank all you lovely ladies for the birthday wishes!!!!! It's going great so far! ^_^

Eve ><>


Happy birthday Eve!! Glad you are having a good one! I KNOW God is there because I have seen him working in my life and that if I don't have somebody to talk to I can just talk to him and he will always listen. ILYGMFMW & PFAYABCDEFGHIJKMW ~thelittleflower~


Oh and Miss Nancy, Your Granddaughter is so cute!!!!!! Tell her whenever you see her that I say hi.

Halle Belle

I KNOW god is there because when I feel alone and I go to Him, right away I feel a peace, and I KNOW that He is there! KNOWING is a great word, I love it.
Eve, I am praying that your special day will continue to be great!
Asher, I will be praying for you as well.
Oh, and please pray that my family can get through tonight. We are having a meeting at school.
Praying for all.

Halle Belle


Wow! Where has the time gone! Maeryn is getting so big and even more adorable every second! I KNOW God is there because I not only see him working in others lives everyday (especially today) and mine. Also, I feel his presence whenever I am reading my bible or writing in my TTGJ. I will pray Halle Belle. Is it registration? We shut off our cable and it is a little weird just watching DVDs and Netflix...


I KNOW God is there because when I have the chance to say something to someone, God gives me the words. Or even when I'm having a bad day, there's something inside that makes it not so bad.

Halle Belle

OOPS! I meant "God", not "god".
Thank you for praying for me Kaylee.
No, it's not registration. We have an open house the week before classes start. It's where we go to our class rooms and meet our teachers. It is always very busy.It went well, so thank you again for praying.

Halle Belle


Wow! Our open house is after school starts!


Praying for you lovely mini-women and your families. I KNOW God is there because when I drift away and I tell Him I'm sorry, I feel a wave of peace that He has forgiven me and when I write in my TTGJ about any of my troubles it's as if a burden has been lifted up my shoulders. I agree Knowing is a great word:)

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