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September 29, 2015


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Radical means going all-out for change in Jesus. So in this case, actions speak louder than words really applies. Jesus lit up the world, so we should do the same. I love your list and journal, Sara.
-Asher ^_^


thanks asher! I agree, Jesus was RADICAL, when he walked the earth, and still is now. and when we live out his plan for our lives, and live life how he would live it, we can be RADICAL too! =)


also don't you just get so amazed when you really think about there being a savoir who gave his LIFE, for US! I get so amazed when I think that JESUS is a real guy living up in heaven, lovin' us! =D


I agree with Asher! Love the journal Sara!!

Ashlyn ;)

radical means to me as standing out in a crowd of others. What I mean is, if we all looked the same, talked the same, dressed the same etc. it would be boring. But then you would see that one person that looks, dresses, and talks different. It was RADICAL, or amazing when God took apart of himself and made it a baby that did so many miracles. I will keep thinking.

Ashlyn ;)

Also, lots of the time in school, people say things that aren't true like how men were created after dinosaurs even though Adam and Eve were there before those ages. I enjoy speaking out and saying it's not true and sometimes I will get that one person that wants to learn more and I tell them about it and their life changes!


Way to go, Ashlyn! I need to work on speaking out in my faith. It's kind of hard because everyone I know is a Christian. God is radical because he made the earth and he's all-powerful. His son Jesus set an example for us when he walked the earth, and if we follow it, we can be radical, too. ILYGMFMW and PFAYABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ&RMW (I'm not going to state all the qualities, but I added R for Radical)!


Radical to me means, that my relationship with God should be so radical (awesome) that I shouldn't be afraid of proclaiming the gospel. It shouldn't matter what my friends think, or if people think I'm "weird", if weird means obeying(serving) my God then yes, with all my heart I should be weird and obey.

I go to this thing called AWANA, and we have fun and learn about God. We are actually talking about serving right now, and the week before, I had gone to New York on a missions trip to the Bronx and there we gave people who were down on their luck or homeless, soup, bread, drinks, and gave them resources to find: work, jobs, and detox. I worked in the well of the bus, (a deep place in the kitchen part where we distributed the food and drinks to the people) I worked there mostly because I was to scared to go to the back of the bus (we were in a bus called the relief bus) and pray for the people, or talk to them about God, and I made an excuse that I still didn't know about God enough to really explain about Him, which maybe I don't but I still know enough to know how God changed my life when I accepted Jesus as my savior.

Well, anyways when we came back to AWANA we started talking about why people didn't talk about Jesus, and came up with reasons why we were afraid of talking about God; my reason is that I'm afraid of what people will think of me, will my soccer friends still want to be friends with me? Or would I be "weird beyond compare" I know I shouldn't worry but I do anyway.

I want my relationship with God to be so radical, that I don't have to think twice before I start shouting out praises instead of hiding in a corner with a blanket on my head that says I'm just like everyone else! But I'm working on "the reason" and even though I'm not ready to start running in the middle of the street shouting out God's word just yet, I can definitely start talking to my soccer team. ;-)

What about you? Do you have any reasons that you might be afraid to talk about God?

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