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September 25, 2015


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AMAZING job Asher! I love your color combination, writing style, and most of all, that you used everybody's words instead of just your own. My r words are...
1. READING the Bible
2. RESPONSIVE to his answers
3. RELIABLE for others in need
4. RESPECTFUL of his word
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.


Also, quintessential means representing the most perfect example of a quality. So this means us mini-women are representing the most perfect person to ever live... God.


My 'R' words are:
And I'll try to come up with more.

Eve ><>


A mini-woman definition of quintessential: a brilliant, ultimate list! If I'm going to know if God is right here with me, I need to be reformed, real, relying on God and reading the Bible. Thank you, Kaylee!
-Asher ^_^


That moment when I know I have some really really really really AWESOME friends. Love your artwork Asher, Kaylee said it all,that's really thoughtful and cool! My r words are
Responsive(like when we hear the word,we strive to understand it and when we do we act it out)
Real(really love that word Asher:)
Love all your r words:)


I need to be respectful of the people around me, grownups, etc....
thanks miss nancy! good job asher! that was so, so, COOL! anya wanted me to tell you that her computer is broken right now, and she doesn't know when she can come back on! but she really misses all ya'll! I am reading so not okay, its SO GOOD! love ya'll! praying for ya!


also real!


Nice, Asher! That was really cool. I think we need to be READY to RECIEVE God's answer if we want to know that he is there. ILYGMFMW and PFAYABCDEFGHIJKLMOP&QMW (Praying For All You Authentic, Beautiful, Confessing, Delighted, Eager, Free, Genuine, Hungry, Interested, Just, Knowing, Laughing, Mellow, Opposite, Pondering and Quiet Mini-Women [wow, I can't believe I just said all that])!


Anytime Asher! I LOVE your words Olivia.


(Have a) Relationship (with God)


Thank you, Kaylee!

Ashlyn ;)

We need to be righteous like how many were in the bible, respectful, responsible, really love others no matter how much you don't want to, read the bible, I will try to think of more. ;)


Reliable to others.


Ready to serve God as mini-women!

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