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September 08, 2015


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Halle Belle

I will get back to you all on this one. I am busy, busy, busy!

Halle Belle

Ashlyn ;)

I need God to help me on the whole boy thing. I really like this guy, he is christian, really smart, really sweet, and cute. But I think he likes me back, but i shouldn't obsess about it. I need to put it in God's hands and let him handle it. Boys used to be deliquent little creeps, and now they're a bit more. You know what i mean?


I agree with Ashlyn. I need help on that, friends, how to keep connected with God and managing my time and money with things that are important. And I am sorry I haven't posted in forever! School takes so much of my time and I play lots of sports! So I need God also with time management. Ilygmfmw!


The biggest way I need God right now is to live out his way at school and stay real. I need God to have somebody I can trust and talk to. Praying for you all! It's great to have you back, Amanda.
-Asher ^_^


I need him to help me know that I am special and unique, because it just feels like my sister is better at everything that I'm good at. I also need him to help me get through hard times.


I hear you Amanda, middle school has us trapped! I need God right now to help me can up the attitude I have with everybody. And I mean EVERYBODY (except maybe you guys)all day everyday.


That is so sad Olivia. I feel the same exact way with my sisters! I will be praying for you. Remember, you are unique and we love you so MUCH! I thank God that you are you because if not, we wouldn't have someone as amazing as you on the blog. Although our sisters and or brothers may be better at a lot of things, it is because God gave them that talent for a reason. If they are older, it is because they have had more experience than us. I am jealous of my sisters knowledge and natural prettiness. But, at the same time, they may be jealous of some of my talents, like maybe writing. YOU are pretty and smart and you love God with all your heart. That is all that matters. We are always going to be here for you whenever you need a boost of self esteem. We love you Olivia, forever and always.


The biggest thing(s) I need God for right now is helping me be myself and make friends. My family just moved and that is just making everything more awkward! I agree with you Kaylee I have had an attitude with everyone lately too. ILYGMFMW


I need God's help with boys,family,and life in general 😜 ~thelittleflower~


The biggest way I need God right now is for just life in general. It's a new year and I'm just really nervous. Thanks girls ILYGMFMW


Grace, I am so glad that it is not just me.


I need Gods help, to stop worrying about what I look like, or If I'm beautiful, I do that a lot. also, I need to stop worrying about this boy I REALLY like. I Know he likes me cause his sister is my bff and she tells me like, everything. we are both kinda dreaming of maybe dating when we're older, but, we NEVER talk to each other about it cause we know we are not ready for that. he's the most amazing Christian guy I've ever met, so now I just need to focus on God until its my time. plz pray that I can handle it in a mature way. I'm gonna try to come on more. praying for you all! love ya'll


How do I make a Talking to God Journal?

Halle Belle

Josie, first off, I LOVE <3 your name. You can by a journal or make one the way YOU want to. You can talk with God about anything in it. I love mine!
sara and Ashlyn, I am dealing with same thing. I know a guy at my school and my church. He is Godly, sweet, helpful, funny, cute - you get the idea. So, I have a big crush on him. But I have found it helpful to talk with God about it and talk with my mom or another trusted female in my life. Also, I have found it helpful to pray for him in my TTGJ. I just keep asking God to help me not to think so much about him I can't concentrate. That helps to.
You all are amazing.

Halle Belle


Thanks! :)


I need God to help me be consistent in my walk with him like trying to write as much as I can in my TTGJ.


I have the same problem like you Sara, Ashlyn, and Halle Belle. There is this really cute Christian guy at my church and I have had a huge crush on him since 2nd grade but all I am going to do is have a crush on him because I can't date in till I am 18 but that's okay I guess. Sorry for making no sense ;)ILYGMFMW & PFAYABCDEFHIJKLMNMW ~thelittleflower~


Wow, thelittleflower! I am so happy that you found a genuine christian guy to like. I am going to set my own standards for dating, like I want to court not date. I don't know exactly when I can date... I need to figure that out, even though I do not like anyone... I will e-mail Mrs. Nancy about that. Please pray for my headache and stomach ache. You ladies are the best!

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