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September 15, 2015


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Yay, first comement! Three ways I will be opposite are choosing to be joyful instead of grumpy and use my words to build people up instead of tear them down. I hear that sometimes you have to choose joy, because it won't come naturally for everyone. I'll have to think more about my third one!
-Asher ^_^


I don't do things that can get me in trouble. Partly because I don't want to be in trouble, but also because I know that I'm not supposed to, and God tells us to obey our parents. I'll have to think about two other ones.


A lot of my friends are sarcastic and it's kinda rude sometimes. So I'll try to be the opposite of that.

Another thing is some people are a little innapropiate and so I wanna be the opposite of that!!

My third thing is that I wanna be the opposite of just plain nasty!

Faithgirlz 12

We could be kind to new kids at school drama class ect.
Second one
Telling the truth when the rest don't.
Last one
We can bring people up when others tear them down.
P:s soz for bad spellingšŸ˜”


Faithgirlz 12, I love your second one! That's going to be my last one - being truthful to others - and myself, too (being authentic). Praying for you all!
-Asher ^_^


Three ways that I will be opposite of what other people accept is by
I want to be appropriate and not cuss opposed to kids at my school who are inappropriate and cuss. Being respectful even when it is really hard and my peers are not. Lastly, I want to be the opposite of grumpy and always depressed, I want to be joyful and creative.

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