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September 18, 2015


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if I want to be closer to God, I need to be patient. with my littler friends and with Gods answers. I know I have a really short temper like Fiona.
I want to be less sarcastic and more kind. and patient.
love you all!


Hey! I felt like I should read today's post even though I'm on the teen blog, so HEELLLOOOOO, MINI-WOMEN!!!!

I have the most trouble with talking more than I should. Instead of speaking and writing in novels, I can journal out my thoughts every time I'm alone (and not doing HW), and instead try to listen to the other person. In addition to this, I can also do my best to just summarize my thoughts so I'm more concise.

If I want to get how close God is, I need to be prayerful and private with my thoughts (not publicly blurt out everything that comes to mind), and public with my faith ("Don't hide a lamp under a box; instead, you are like a city on a hill, unable to be hidden." Matthew 5:14-15)

I love you girls and am praying for you!!
Xoxo, amelia


I can defiantly practice being the opposite of sarcastic because really, we all have at least one percent of sarcasm in us, which we need to kick out. Also if I want to get how close God is, I need to be
Practicing what I preach
Prepared for the future

That's about all I have now.


A way I could practice being opposite is when I'm in a bad mood, dwell on the positive instead of the negative and think before I speak.
If I want to get how close God is, I need to be persistent, patient, peaceful, pure, pursuing and perceptive. Perceptive meaning when bad things happen, I don't let them wilt me because I know God sees the bigger picture.
-Asher ^_^


I need to be peaceful,pure, and patient. I am sorry that I haven't been on here for a while but sometimes life gets in the way you know? ~thelittleflower~

Halle Belle

I have been SO busy! You guys have great P words! I love them all. Since I am busy, I won't be able to comment right now..... but I will definitely get back with you all soon!
Miss you all,

Halle Belle


I have trouble with saying things that I shouldn't. I just talk too fast for my brain to catch up, and I really need to work on that. If I want to get that God is there, I need to be PATIENT and PRACTICING PREACHING to PEOPLE (lots of P's).


love all your P words! I am wondering if you guys can pray for me plz, yesterday, I did a back flip off a swing, and I landed on my wrists, I ended up spraining one more than the other, I am sure it won't take long to heal, and its not that big of a deal, but I just don't like getting hurt, because I cant do so much. its not that bad, but could ya'll pray that it heals up quick? love ya'll!


also, I saved that picture and edited it to say our mw alphabet! then I made it my back round =)


Pondering his words in the bible

How long have I been gone?? I missed y'all. I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting.We only have one computer now. I will try my best to comment!

Ashlyn ;)

Sorry I haven't been here awhile guys! I think P stands for patience, playful (as in you go with the flow and hang loose. i know it sounds weird but….) predictable, preaching, painting (godly images in your mind) and i will try to think of more. ;)

Halle Belle

Hey! You girls have rocking words!
1) I need to work on saying nice things. Ex: Saying something I meant to be funny, but was not to the person I said it to. I prayed for wisdom and to be nice to others when it comes to words.
2) My P words: a) Praying b) Patient c) Perspective (as in looking at others' perspectives to see if I can explain God to them in a way they will understand)
Praying for all.

Halle Belle

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