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September 22, 2015


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So sorry I've been away. School has been busy. Will get back to you soon :-) I'm going to need to be QUIET to hear what God has to say.
Hadassah xxxx xoxo ooo


A mini-woman dictionary definition of 'pondering': thinking, wondering about something and looking for it in your life.
If I am going to totally know that God is right HERE, I need to be quiet, questioning (thinking about the things I do and the Bible says) and quenching my thirst for God. Q's a hard one!
I can't wait for the next topic, Miss Nancy! I think you are QUITE creative!
-Asher ^_^


1. Qualified
2. Quiet
I'll try to think of some more before the next post. I agree with Asher, this is a hard one. Love y'all!



I don't know why but it changed the profile picture.


I will say Quit. I talk to much =D I need to be pondering God and his word. love all y'all! love your words!


I hear you Hadassah! I believe that the mini- women definition of pondering is wondering about how you can make your relationship with God better. How you can learn more about him and our purpose for life.

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