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October 23, 2015


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cool, first post! so is it Victoria? you used that in your book, so not okay. or maybe Virginia?? my friend is staying with me, so when she gets home i will call her and tell her how to do the blog. i am gonna look through the dictionary for my v word!
i will post later, LAYGMFMW! PFAYGMFMW! YGAMBF!


Hello everyone, what's up?

So, please pray for me. My family and I have been arguing a lot. And, I really want to do ballet but my parents forgot to sign me up and I think it might be too late!

These are the guesses for your middle name, Miss Nancy:

These are the V words I thought of (or more like looked in the dictionary for):
Ex. Word: Definition
Veracious: Honest
Vigorous: Having Energy

I might post more later!

ILYGMFMW! PFYA (Praying For You All)! YGAMBF!


Veracious (Truthful)
Victorious (Like Jesus was vicotorious over death)
Great job, Asher!


Oh, and virtous.


I am going to guess your middle name is...
I am stuck on our v word.
I will be praying for you Wendy. I know how much I want to do ballet, but for me it isn't an option because of how expensive it is.

Halle Belle

Hi my fellow min-women! I will be praying for you Wendy! I love PFYA!
Ms. Nancy, is your middle name Victoria? It's the first one I thought of.
V words... I will get back to you all on that one.

Halle Belle


Does it count to do "Very Faithful" or "Very awesome", ect? That would be really easy though.

I think that V is a harder letter than U!


Hi everyone!! Sorry again I have been gone, but swimming is keeping me busy. Miss Nancy- my guesses for your middle name are Veronica, Vanessa, Vickie and Victoria. My V words are victorious or very caring? I'm not really sure. V is such a cool letter! I am praying for you Wendy! Love you gals!!


My V-words are victorious and vigorous in faith. I'm glad you liked my collage, Miss Nancy! I think your middle name is Virginia, because that's Ginger's name in the MGM series. Y'all's words are really creative, praying!
-Asher ^_^


Hello mini women! I need prayers, because on Tuesday, I will have surgery to have a tooth removed. If I am awake enough, I will let you all know how I am doing. Thank you!

Eve ><> ^_^




And my guesses for your middle name are:
*Valorie (or with a 'Y')


love ya'll words! i will be praying for you eve! i have to pray about dance too Wendy, i do hip-hop, but i am not sure if i like it anymore, and it is expensive. will you guys give me your opinion? and if you have any ideas, for what i should do instead, i wouldn't mind the help. my v word is victorious. also my dad will find out if he gets the job he has been applying for either today or tomorrow, will ya'll pray? oh and i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, i will find out if i need braces or not. can you pray that it goes well, i kinda want braces. thanks guys! i love ya'll SO MUCH! also one more thing, i have been struggling with being the bigger person with my siblings, we haven't been getting along, and i know that i can be immature, please pray, LYAMFMW! PFYAMFMW!


Hey Sara! Thank you for praying! One of my friends does hip hop 🙌😎, and she says she likes it...if you don't want to take it then I would go with something else I wanted to do.
I hope your dad he t s his job, and that your dentist appointment goes well. If you get braces...I would love to see them!😁😍💜💕💖💗💞💟


P.S. The smiley faces are off of one of our tablets, not like on the After School Wednesday.😕


Oh! Sara, And on the After School Wednesdays, the picture of you is beautiful!!!!!!!!😄😍💕💖💗💞💟🌸 And your smile is LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁🌸


OK,my guesses for Miss Nancy's middle name are



thank you so much eve! your awesome!

Ashlyn ;)

Is your middle name Valerie? Veronica? Valentina? Victoria? I dunno. We need to have a voltage spark to light up the darkness in the world. We need to pay attention and enjoy our voyage with God. I will try to think of more. ;)


Sara, I'd suggest you talk it over with your parents and dance teacher. I some more words: vigilant and vessel (for God). I love 'voyage,' Ashlyn!
-Asher ^_^


Hello ladies! The surgery went well and I am VERY loopy. :-) Thank you for all your prayers!
Love the V words! Please pray my gum heals quickly without infection.

Eve ><>

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