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October 07, 2015


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Woohoo, first comment! I can be radical by talking to my grandmother about God. I'll also try to share about God-things and take my BFF to church, because she's Christian but doesn't have a church. Next week I'm going to be helping at a charity at school, so please pray that that will go well!
-Asher ^_^


I wil be praying Asher!! I can be more radical by doing more Christian things, not caring so much what others think, sharing God with my friends, and inviting friends and family to church! Also, please pray for my dog. He is 17 and really sick. I know that when we put him down he will be in a better place with God, but this is a sad time for me and my family. ILY!

Ashlyn ;)

A version of radical is the growing of a plant. We need to learn and grow from our mistakes. Asher, I will be praying for your charity to go well and Amanda, I am praying right now that your dog will go to heaven and will be better. We must be radical in our growth and help others learn about God so they can be radical and grow through God's faith too. I will try to think of more ;)


I will be praying Asher and Amanda. I will be radical by talking to a few of my family members about God and I know that I know nothing about parenting, but hopefully talking to one of my brothers about making sure he is leading his 8 year old daughter in the direction of Christ. Now that doesn't mean I tell him that he is doing everything wrong, just simply getting to talk to him about how she is doing and if they go to church. I will also try and be more respectful to my parents... so so HARD to do.

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