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October 13, 2015


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The number about being trustworthy I need to work on the most is 3. Sometimes I'll tell a friend "I'll draw this for you by tomorrow!" and end up too busy, or I'll tell my mom I will do something just to stop her nagging.
Welcome back, Wendy! It's great to have you joining us!
-Asher ^_^


Yeah, I need to work on number three, too. I tell my little brothers that I'm going to sleep with them (they like to cuddle and snuggle), but then I forget. By the way, welcome, Wendy! I hope you like this blog. It's awesome!


Thanks for all the welcomes, everybody!! I've only been on here for about 3 days and this place already means a lot to me. And I LOVE the collage Asher! I can see that art is a talent God gave you!

Oh, and Miss Nancy, I have an idea for a blog post. Sometimes, I have a hard time knowing when to tell a secret or not. Or when to tell the truth or not. Like, let's say your friend told you someone said something mean to her, and she wanted to talk about it.
Then let's say your other friend asked what you were talking about, if you told them, would that start gossip? But if you didn't tell them is that considered lying? I think I need to know this to be more trustable.

And, I think I need to work on number 1 and 2 and 3 .Yeah, I really need to be more trustable! Please pray for me, because of that, and because I've had a lot of issues at school with bullies, and with teachers. And homework.

Praying for you all!

Ashlyn ;)

Number 2 can be tough, I'm not saying I gossip, but I always hear rumors spread, and I don't say anything once I hear a rumor. That's what is so tough about Junior High, there is 4 times more gossip and rumors flowing around. Those of you who haven't gotten into Junior High yet…. Here is some advice. Find the right friends, and I know you all are like what? Lets just say find some good christian friends that are true to who they are and like you for who you are. Whenever you hear gossip or your friends are gossiping, just walk away and you know they are not the people you should hang out with. Always remember, is this what Jesus would want me to do? My mom always had pins and stickers like this in her Junior High and High School saying WWJD? And it stander for What Would Jesus Do? So always ask yourself that when you are faced with a situation that you are alone in. hope this helped…. ;)

Ashlyn ;)

By the way, love the collage Asher

Halle Belle

I am going to work on 2 and 5. Sometimes I don't always refuse to spread gossip. Asher, I have trouble with the same thing. Sometimes I start, but never finish.
I will be praying for you all.

Halle Belle


I just got my first period yesterday, so please pray that I'll get through it!


Hi mini women!!!!!!!
Sorry I haven't posted for absolutely AGES put things have been a pit hectic round here.
Just posting to say I'm still with you,


First things first...
Welcome Wendy! I am so delighted that you decided to join our team and community of mini-women. One thing is clear, you can trust us ALWAYS! If you are having a bad day or even just need a simple prayer to help get you through you day, we are here for you. There is 2 other websites of Mrs. Nancy's that you can visit...
If you need to review the rules go to the top right hand side and the second link is the rules.
Congrats Olivia! I am so proud for you, I will be praying for you and your family through this new change.
Your collage is PHENOMENAL Asher! Keep using your amazing art talent to honor the Lord.
I will work the hardest on number 3. I am always telling my Mom, in a minute or, I'll get to it. I need to respect her, even when others don't respect me. Please pray for our financial issues and for my friendship problems. One of my friends (ex-friends?) is ignoring me.

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