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October 16, 2015


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Ashlyn ;)

Yes! First comment! I should be an UMBRELLA to those who need to be shielded by the devil's harsh storm. I need to spread God's word and shield everyone (yes including brothers and sisters, i know right) from the devil's lies. i will try to think of more ;)


I am so looking forward to that collage Asher! My u words are...
3. UNIFIED (Unity)
Have a PHENOMENAL weekend mini-women!


Like Kaylee I like:


I find the "that's not my story to tell" one-liner really helpful, Miss Crystal. If I want to be more aware that God is right here with me, I need to be united, an umbrella, upholding and upright. A collage is on the way! Thank you, Kaylee!
-Asher ^_^


Hi everyone! So,I actually have one more question about being trustable, Miss Nancy.

So, your advice is great. And I will try to use it but the thing is at my school I don't think it'll work. I did something like that before, and all my friends got angry and said "Your not allowed to keep secrets at school" Even though they have secrets themselves, and even if I say it wasn't a big deal, or it was something personal about my friend. It gets to the point where they tell the teacher we were talking about them, when, of course, we weren't.

And one more question, actually, is it considered gossip if you talk about another friend with a friend, but for a good reason? Like, there's a girl in my class who used to be one of my BFF's but she's turning mean. Sometimes my other friends and I try to think of ways we can help her and we all pray for her.

And, I have some U words. I'm trying to think of more:
1) Untied. (Not tied to the devil or evil things)
2) Unique
3) Understanding
4) Universal. (Tell others about God no matter who they are, or where they live, ect.)


Ok, off topic but I don't know where else to ask this, I can't comment on the After-School-Wednesday Website without a Wordpress account, what do I do?


(NOT) Underestimating
(Covered by God's) Umbrella


hey guys!!!!!
my U words are:
3.united (with god and his people)
I might post more later!

Ashlyn ;)

You need to be unselfish, unique with the way you put God's words to use, I will think of more


My u words are unselfish,unique,unity,and unafraid. ILYGMFMW&PFAYYABCDEFGHIJKMLNOPQRSTMW ~thelittleflower~


Unchanged by the world. That's all I've got for now. ILYMFMW.


SO SORRY I HAVN'T BEEN POSTING! I LOVE your collages Asher! welcome to all the new mini-women! I'm gonna try and post every time, because I only have one more month until I join the teen blog! I love all your words! I LOVE your name Ashlyn! I am going with the word unafraid, that's defiantly something I have been working on, I have become much more confident than I used to be! I have to work on gossiping, being trustworthy, and forgiving myself for stuff I really hate that I did! I love all of you SO SO much! also I have been trying to post on the wed. blog, but it isn't working?? it keeps saying, 'your comment is awaiting moderation'? I would e-mail you miss Nancy, but I didn't know if that was working either?? anywho, love ya'll, as you can see I am very happy right now! praying for ya'll! REALLY!


Sorry I'm changing the subject a bit but what's up with Asher's collages?
Is it something I've mist on other posts?


Adie, often I draw a collage of everyone's words for Miss Nancy to post. Speaking of which, I'm away and forgot to take a picture of the u-collage but will send it as soon as I'm back. I got one more u word: unstoppable!
-Asher ^_^

Miss Crystal

Hello my young friends. I'm going to add a U word to this one. My guess is Unabashed. This is a word that means to not be shy. I can't be shy in asking God if he's there, because sometimes it doesn't feel like he is. I can't be shy in asking him what something means, or in asking him to help me understand. I can't be shy or ashamed in saying that I love him or that I'm grateful for everything I have. I start every morning by saying that I'm grateful for the gift of this day.


That is a great U word Miss Crystal!

And, also, can you all please pray for me? I might start taking Ballet and I'm SUPER nervous.
And, I might compete in a Regional Personality Pageant, a Pageant where they mostly focus on your personality, not your beauty. I haven't filled out the application yet cause I'm not sure if I want too, yet, but do you guys think I should? It sounds fun I guess but I'm scared some of the other girls there will be mean.

ILYGMFMW & YGASMBF (I love you girls my fellow mini women and You guys are seriously my best friends)


my 'U' words are:

Eve ><>

I've been really busy lately, so sorry if i haven't been on!




i will defenitly pray for you wendy! it does sound fun, if u do it just remember to never let them make u somebody your not, they will love u for who u are! and if not, they're just blind. i don't know u in real life but i can tell your someone amazing, we all are! love you all!


also, i saw what you all said on WAWN, i loved it! it made me feel so VERY thankful i have all of you! you are the nicest girls ever! thankyou!

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