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October 20, 2015


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The picture that helps me the most to be unselfish is the little elf with a gift in hand. Often, at Christmas I pack stockings to sent to kids in need or made a Box Of Hope. This picture reminds me to be generous and imagine the kids' excitement when they receive my gift!
The beggar picture is also meaningful to me because recently I did a charity course at school and learned that billions of people have very little. It makes me feel thankful and want to serve!
-Asher ^_^


that's SO cool Asher, your awesome! I like number 3, because it relates to me, I like doing little things for people when they're sad. And it will remind me to do it more often, I haven't done it for a while. I am going to invite my friend to join the blog, I think she will like it! LOVE YOU ALL!!! YOUR ALL GIFTS TO ME! PRAYING FOR YA'LL!


also, i don't know what to do for pictures 2 through 5, I don't know which category to put them in. ;)


i just found out that in 4 days i will have been on this blog for one whole year!!!!!!!!! wow, am i so thankful i found this blog!!! love ya'll!

Halle Belle

The ones I could work on would be 2, 4, and 5.
2- I enjoy giving to others. Also, it helps to do it with a happy spirit!
4- Presently, I am working on offering money to God. For a couple of years I have used a "special" piggy-bank to keep spare change to give to at the end of the year.
5- I also need to work on being thankful for everything God has blessed me and my family with.
Please pray for my uncle. He has cancer, and is having a back surgery. Also, please pray for my mom, she had a bad fall. Thank you guys.
Praying for all.

Halle Belle


The picture that I could work on is
1- because I want to be a missionary in CAMBODIA where there are a lot of street kids that sleep in boxes and eat out of rubbish bins! One of my dads aunts is a missionary in CHAD.


that's really great Adie! hope you get to! Halle Belle, first of all, i love your name, well i love everyone's names! they are all great! anyway, i will DEFINETLY be praying for your uncle and your mom, My family went through a similar sad time. a few years ago, my dad had cancer, but with prayer and through Gods grace he was cured, i will pray the same for your uncle. love you all! praying for you!

Ashlyn ;)

Okay so I think the first one is someone sharing their food with another I could give someone some food if they have no lunch, the second is giving gifts like the three wise men did when Jesus was born, the third is being kind by sharing your love of God with another, the fourth is giving tithe which is like supporting God's temple, and the last is thanksgiving? Or maybe that we should be thankful that God provided us with food, so we could provide to others (not necessarily with food). I will think more about it.

Ashlyn ;)

Also Halle Belle, I am praying for your uncle's surgery to go well, and for your mom to be okay.


Hello fellow Mini-Women!

So, firstly, I will TOTALLY be praying for you Halle Belle, that sounds like a tough situation to be in. If you ever need any advice us and Mrs. Rue are there for you!! I'm praying for all of you!

Also, could you guys please pray for me? I am like 99% sure I am taking ballet and doing the Personality Pageant I mentioned last comment. And, my family is having trouble financially, and my Mom is getting frustrated. I'm also having trouble at school.

I think that numbers 1, and 4 help me to be most unselfish. Number One because I'll admit I don't often do volunteer work but my friends and I are probably going to raise money for Soldiers in the Army who don't have much soon, probably by hosting a bake sale or something. There's lots of other things we're concerned about too.

And number 4 because, well, when I decided this I thought that the picture meant sending letters to faraway family and friends and making sure everyone around you is OK. After taking a closer look and reading comments I figured out it was probably giving money to the poor/homeless.

But what I wrote originally was that I have an Aunt in Florida who I don't often call or write too, I think I'll email her sometime.

ILYGMFMW and YGAMBF (I love you girls my fellow mini women and you guys are my best friends)
Cheerfully In Christ
- Wendy!


I think two, because mostly what I do is blind giving. I see a need and try to fulfill it. For example when I was younger I went to a shelter and saw how bland it was, so my 4-H group sewed bright pillowcases. This inspires me to do that kind of thing again, because I think as we get older we lose our confidence and worry more about other people thinking we're weird.

Halle Belle

Thank you girls so much for praying for me and my family! It means so much to me!
I will be praying for you all as well.
ILYGMFMW & YGAMBF (I love that Wendy!)

Halle Belle


I will be praying for all of you wonderful mini-women but especially Halle Belle and Wendy. Please pray for my family and our financial issues. Also, a very extreme evacuation occurred at my school yesterday. Please pray for all of the teachers, parents, students and staff to relax and be calm to go back on Monday. I think that picture number 1 helps me to be unselfish because it reminds me that although we have many financial issues, we have a lot more than others.

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