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October 09, 2015


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My t words are trustworthy,turning like in turning away from evil or gossip, true like being true to your faith. That is it for now. ILYGMFMW & PFAYABCDEFGHIJKMNLOPQRSMW ~thelittleflower~


Thoughtful, thankful, true and, give TIME to Jesus.


The radical-letter I have the most trouble with is C: comforting someone others are mean to. I'm going to try being more friendly to kids who others aren't so friendly to. To know that God is SO close, we need to be treasuring, truthful and trusting God.
-Asher ^_^


I will share my t words tomorrow. Please pray for my sister, she has a BIG chorus performance tonight. I choose letters R and L.


I think we need to be truthful and thoughtful and we need to treasure Christ.


I think that 'I' is the hardest for me. To know that God is SO close, we need to be:
*And I'll try to think of more.


Eve ><>


I'll be praying for your sister Kaylee! Hope she does great! I think L is hardest to me. I just need to know what's going on all the time sometimes and I just can't quit the habit.

Halle Belle

I have been working on being OPPOSITE. Please pray that I will continue to work on this.
My T words:
1. Truthful/True to myself
These are some other words God has talked to me about lately.
Praying for all!

Halle Belle

Ashlyn ;)

I don't know which one would be the hardest honestly! But, you must be truthful, trustworthy, timing (like when to talk to God or when to do those 7 things in radical), thankful for the things you have, have tolerance toward others that hurt you to be close to God, and Kaylee good luck to your sister, I'm praying right now! ;) I will try to think of more.


I got two more words: talking to God and telling others about Him. I love all of your words and am making a collage of them! Thanks for the prayers!
-Asher ^_^


my T words are,
1. Thanksgiving (since it is thanksgiving weekend!),
2. Talking (to god),
3. Truthful,
4. Trustworthy
5. TIME (for god)
And that is all i have for now! love you all!!!


Hello, everyone! So, I'm new. Well, technically not new, I was on this website a year or two ago but I kinda drifted away and forgot about it, sadly, but after finding my old journal and reading it and discovering this website once again through my past self, I'M BACK!!

So this week I'm gonna work on the L in Radical, leaving the scene when gossip starts. I go to a Christain School and I'm friends with the right people but, some people there I don't think really respect the bible and sometimes gossip starts. And I'll admit sometimes I have a hard time staying away from it, but I try my best.

T words:


My T word is together. In order to know God is close, we need to be together.


I am going to work on the second A in RADICAL: Asking question when I don't get it. Good luck to the rest of you in meeting your goal with RADICAL.


Praying for your sister Kaylee! Can't wait to see the collage Asher:-) The hardest one for me will probably be insisting on doing the right thing, I actually did the right thing yesterday; we were having an oral test in my class and then some boys were opening their textbooks, which was wrong because the teacher was asking the questions from the textbook, so I saw them and didn't want to say anything because they are basically the bullies in the class but then I summed up some courage and I told my teacher, sure I got some looks from the boys, I felt good about doing the right thing. My T words are
Tween(we shouldn't try to be grow up too fast but follow our regular tweenish pace)

Halle Belle

Welcome back Wendy! I hope you are enjoying being here!
Praying for all.

Halle Belle

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