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November 03, 2015


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People who are different are hard for me to welcome sometimes, or people who are new. There is a girl who just joined my book club when I've known the others for a while. The hardest thing would probably being bold since I tend to get shy.

Ashlyn ;)

I think it's hard to welcome a bully at my school. He is always trying to hurt people and I always try to be nice to him. Sometimes, being a child of God and always trying to do the right thing can almost make you want to do the wrong thing during really tough times. I will think of more ;)

Ashlyn ;)

Also, Sara thank you for the nice comments. You are such a sweet loving girl and you really made my day. Thank you ;)

Halle Belle

I like your way of WELCOMING, Ms. Nancy!
Thank you, Sara, for writing all of that! It was so sweet. You are an AWESOME girl.
I agree with you, Josie. It's hard for me to WELCOME new or different people in my life. I've been at my co-op since it started, so I know the majority of people there. Though there is a lot of people I don't know. I have been trying to WELCOME some people. I will let y'all know what happens when I REALLY try. Praying for you all.

Halle Belle


Wow, this post was just on time! My friends started acting a little snarky, and it's really good advice to be kind but not join in. That's so sweet of you, Sara, you're always complimenting and positive! I need to be welcoming to a girl at church and Bible study. Also to be more open-minded and looking for people to be welcome to in general.
-Asher ^_^


Wow, Sara, thank you for doing that! You are an awesome, amazing person, and God is working through you. I think I will try to do that. All you girls on this blog are amazing people. You girls are definitely welcoming! Thank you for being so supportive and loving. ILYGSSMMFMW (I Love You Girls So, So Much, My Fellow Mini-Women)!


Btw Sara your comments made my day :)


Hi everyone! It's been a while since I commented.There are probably a few people who are hard to welcome, but I am the youngest in my family so I don't have any little brothers or sisters that are hard to get along with. My sister and I still have times when we fight over the silliest things:)


Sara, I have been having a real rough week and school year. Your comments about ALL of us made my day, no, my WEEK! I have something for you now...

Sara- she is a gentle and loving girl, who as a bonus is drop dead GORGEOUS! But what makes her even more beautiful, is her love for God. I can tell that she is a girl that strives for the best and never gives up, even when she wants to. She is a GREAT writer and writes for God, not to please the world.

My family and I fight over the silliest things, just like MaryBeth. The hardest thing would be praying for them when I don't get my way and realizing there is good in them. Also, a girl at my school who some days, flat out annoys me and is rude to me. I can pray for her as well and realize she is also God's child.


Can I just say Asher, that collage is so ADORABLE! I think it is such a creative idea. You go girl!

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