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November 06, 2015


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Halle Belle

WOW! X! Okay...
1) ...
I cannot find any! When I find a word begging with X related to God I will tell y'all!
Praying for all.

Halle Belle


i cant think of one either, but i will. thanks for what you said last week ya'll, i was busy. WELCOME BACK MARY BETH! glad your back! please pray for me, i have been having a sorta bad attitude toward my siblings and sometimes even my mom and dad. i am trying to take the high road but its hard. i am trying to do that in a lot of areas.


If I'm going to totally get that God is right here, right now, I need to be x-raying people before pointing fingers at them. For example, when a new girl at school doesn't respond to you, don't assume that she's a bad person. Maybe she's just shy. I'm dealing with the same thing, Sara! Praying!
-Asher ^_^


Welcome back Mary Beth! We missed you so much. We love you our sister in God! I am dealing with the same thing Sara and Asher! For the longest time and I still have no idea how to cure the attitude! Maybe, Mrs. Nancy, we can do a series on it because a lot of people are struggling with it. My x words are...
I have nothing!


Hello, everyone!
Welcome back, Mary Beth!

Sorry I didn't comment on the last post, guys. I was in panic and distracted because I couldn't find my Talking To God Journal, and I thought that all the prayers and notes I wrote down were gone forever! But I found it.

Please pray for me, I have a huge project due Thursday for school and I haven't started yet, I've been sick with a cold, so I've forgotten all about it! And please pray that I get over this cold. My stomach has been hurting really bad.
I've had the same problem as you girls, Sara, Asher, and Kaylee! :(
I'm praying for all of you guys!

With the help of the dictionary I've found:
1. Xenial - It means to have a friendship between a host and a guest. So, if we're the hosts, then we need to be friendly to our guests.
2. Xenodochial - (I hope I spelled that right) It means to be friendly to strangers. But of course I wouldn't go out on the street talking to any random person, I think it's still a good word to add to the list.
3. an eXample to others. Ok maybe that one doesn't really count.
4. X-Ray, like Asher said, but in a different way. We shouldn't be ashamed when God X-Rays, or looks into, our hearts. Because we are forgiven.
5. Sing to God like a Xenops. (A type of bird)

Wow that was long!
Cheerfully In Christ,


Awesome words, Wendy! I will be thinking! Wow, we're really almost done with this series!


Okay, all I can think of are EX-cited about God and an EX-ample for others, but I really don't think they count.


Okay, and we need to learn from King Xerxes in the Bible.


Okay I'm just going to go with everyone else's X words because I have none.


X-tremely ready for Jesus.


I will be praying for you Wendy. I have a PowerPoint presentation due Thursday. I know how BIG these projects are so I pray you get it done speedy! I have an x word...

Ashlyn ;)

We need to be a xylophone, as in spread the music (worship) of god to others. I will try to think of more ;)


Okay, so I have something that we should not be. We should not be xanthippes (a xanthippe is an extremely ill-tempered woman). By the way, I looked that one up.


And xemes (fork-tailed gulls) remind me of how we should choose the right path in the fork in the road of life. (just to let you know, I also looked this one up) And we
should be xenodochial (hospitable) towards people, welcoming them, because we are welcoming mini-women.


I'm really not liking my dictionary right now because of literary analysis vocab words, but this is what i found: if i am going to totally get that God is here with me right now i need to not be a xenophobe (someone afraid and fearful of well, strangers and people) if your afraid then its probably because your not really trusting God is really there for you, i kind of experienced that myself because i was afraid of going outside by myself, especially towards dusk because of strangers, but then i talked to my mom and we prayed and then i wasn't so scared anymore because i know who's there for me.


Thanks for welcoming me back! (I typed that correctly right)? I too have to think about the X words. For now I'm going to have to say X-ray which was once the only X word I knew:) I'm going to try my best to comment every post, but sadly I don't think I can. Can you pray for my Grandpa who might or might not have cancer. He's going to find out at the end of this week. Thanks for all your prayers!!


No problem Mary Beth! Can't wait for a well deserved break tomorrow! My presentation is in 2 DAYS!

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