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November 10, 2015


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Ashlyn ;)

WE need to YEARN for more of God's knowledge. We need to be in God's yacht and on his boat. We need to yell out his praise to others. Use his wisdom as a yo-yo and use creative ways to spread it. We must believe in YOU (others). I will try to think of more ;)


Yearn to read the Bible (big one that I need to work on)
Young, like when Jesus said to have faith like children.
Also, take advantage of our Youth by being bold.


We need to say YES to God, yell praise to Him and yearn for Him. ILYGMFMW and PFAYABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVW&XMW (Praying For All You Authentic, Beautiful, Confessing, Delighted, Eager, Free, Genuine, Hungry, Interested, Just, Knowing, Laughing, Mellow, Needy, Opposite, Pondering, Quiet, Radical, Strong, Trustworthy, Unselfish, Victorious, Welcoming and Xmas-loving-and-remembering Mini-Women [whew, that was a mouthful])! We're almost done with this series! Only two more letters to go! YAY(YET another good Y word)!!!


PLEASE pray for me!!! I have been getting extremely frustrated with my mom. Anyways, my y words are...
1. YEARNING for Christ


Yearning is also my word.
My Grandpa will be figuring out if he has cancer tomorrow. Hopefully the results will come back negative (or is it positive).
I will be praying for you Kaylee!
Thanks for all your prayers!!:)


OK, I know this is changing the subject.....
me and my sister and brother go to this youth group together but some of my new friends were being mean and bullying an old friend.Then I ask them about it and the pretend they don't know what I'm talking about!


Hi my MW sisters! Oh, i like that! =D i LOVE all your y words! i choose yearn. i like that. ya, we need to be always wanting more of God, more of his son, and more of his spirit! Please pray for me with two things, first of all, my dad applied for another job, and we will know if he got it tomorrow. so if its God's will, he will hopefully get it. second, i used to like a boy ALOT, I'm sure we have all had times where we've been boy crazy, anywho, i don't like anyone now, because i am choosing to focus on God, and plus, i have better things to think on! well some people are being mean and teasing me about it, or just talking behind my back. i have decided to ignore it, but just pray for the people who do it, that they will stop. also please pray that i will stop myself if i ever start that boy crazy Wonka-doodle thingy that is SO annoying!! anywho, LAYGMFMW! PFAYABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXMW!!!! WOW! that was long, but i love it! love ya'll so, so, so, SO MUCH!


To know that God is here, now, in every way, I need to be
-Yelling "Yay!" as in being joyful and grateful
-Saying YES when people ask you for a favor
-Be like YEAST - that's what makes bread light and airy, so you can be that to others too.
I'll be praying for all of your requests! Adie, have you been to www.jointhetribelet.com? You can ask Miss Nancy and other elders questions about bullying there. Please pray that I can talk to my friends about God!
-Asher ^_^


I have one more word: yourself. Just being content with who you are now!


Please pray for me. I'm sick, and I have periods where I feel terrible.

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