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November 13, 2015


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We need to have zeal for God.

Ashlyn ;)

We need to be examples to others in God's ZOO. We need to be ZESTY. We need him to be the stripes on our ZEBRA (Or we wouldn't be a zebra), We need to be a plentiful harvest of God's wisdom and knowledge and what I mean is we need to be ZUCCHINI! I will try to think of more ;)


we need to have zest for Gods word and we need to be zealous for telling others about God


Hello everyone! Sorry I didn't comment on the last post. I always forget a blog post comes out on Tuesdays AND Fridays. I thought I had a few more days. Oops!

Anyway, I'm praying for all of you. Please pray for me because, well, this is kinda personal, but, I got my very first period ever at school yesterday? Sorry if that's too-much-info but I need prayers!! Also, 2 of my friends did something very mean today, it's a long story, but please pray for me.

I am too old in the way that i'm, a. I'm negative a lot. Sometimes, I feel that when I'm angry at someone I become rude to them and only see the worst in them. If I'm in a bad mood I can be very negative.

Z Words:
amaZing! (I guess that doesn't count, haha)
We need to be like Zechariah (John The Baptist's Dad) I'm actually not sure what Zechariah was like in the Bible. I hope he isn't evil! I'm gonna go read about that now!

Cheerfully In Christ,


I would have to say I can be negative sometimes.
Lately I have been feeling neglected around my family. I've had times where it seems my parents have been spending more time with my older sister more than me. Can you please pray for me during these hard times I'm having?
Zestful is my word. These letters are getting harder and harder:)


I don't know why the profile picture is changing.


Let me just say...
*Congratulations Wendy! Though, I will pray because of how that situation at school played out.
*Also, I will be praying for you Mary Beth. I have the same problems. But trust me, you will get to spend quality time with your parents. Your older sister will want to go and hang out with her friends much more often than your family (it happens quite frequently) and you get to be alone with your parents. It will happen sooner or later, just have patience. I will continue to pray for you though.
* I think all of us have the same z word. Zealous is my z word as well.
* I act I know things when I don't, I use sarcasm because I think it's cool, and I'm negative a lot. I am also trying to cover up my Barbie glasses with my hair because everyone kept commenting on how I had Barbie glasses. I get attitude with my parents a lot and just roll my eyes sometimes when I think they are being "weird".
* Please pray for my friend Heaven. She is having personal issues. Also, please pray for me and my school issues.
Have a great weekend my lovely ladies!


I'm going to list my own z words along with the others.











ZIP up the bad stuff and throw it out.

That's all I got.



Probably C too.


I am back!!! I can't wait for thanksgiving break. For z, I am going to guess zoo. Z is hard. Love you all.


It's great to have you back on commenting, Meggiebear! To really know that God is with me, I need to be zealous, learn from Zacchaeus, be zesty, part of God's zoo and prepared for zero hour (when Jesus is coming back again!).
Sometimes I'm too old by d)acting like I know things when I don't totally, because I'm not into a lot of the things most tweens are. For example, if someone asks me if I've heard of something, like a band or video game, I'll say I have even if I don't know what it IS. I'm going to try to be super-honest about that. Praying for ya'll!
-Asher ^_^


hi my MW sisters!!!!! i LOVE ALL YOUR Y WORDS! i will be praying for you Marybeth! welcome back Meggie bear! my z word, same as most of you is ZEALOUS! I can't wait for break too! thank you all who prayed for me.
i will definitely be praying for all of you. Wendy, that's SO COOL! i am still waiting for mine.
would you all pray for me, with three things:
- I have my very first basketball practice tomorrow, and i am a little nervous, i LOVE playing basketball, but the only kind i know is shooting hoops in my back yard....
- I am doing the Christmas city of the north parade this week and i am nervous...so plz pray! =D
- I can get REALLY impatient with younger kids or just people, I don't like it...
so here's how i am growing up too fast:
- i joke around and act tough, when i am NOT, in the least!
- i act like i am okay when i am not.
- i try hard to fit in with the older teen's. (I'm the youngest so i spend a lot of time trying to be like them.)
LAYGMFMW! PFAYGMFMW! PPFTPIP...(please pray for the people in paris!)
-Love sara=)


also, i am 13 in two weeks, and i was supposed to wait to be able to wear makeup, but my mom decided to let me now! i am really happy!


congratulations sara! thats great but remember that your already beautiful just the way you are :)


Congratulations Sara!!! I'm not allowed to wear makeup until I'm sixteen!:O
But that's fine with me:) Welcome back Meggiebear! I was gone for a while too.
So my dad fixed one of our computers so I will be able to comment almost every time. YAY!!
Thanks for all your prayers!!
Love Y'all:)

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