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November 17, 2015


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Hello my MW sisters! Wow! I love ZANY! its so... different! i will have to ask my mom to help me figure out what it means! thanks for what you said thirzah! that was so sweet! i have a prayer request, i am having a b-day party in Dec. and i was wondering if you could just pray that everyone can make it! also sometimes i forget what you guys ask prayer, but i know God knows and so then i just pray that he fulfills your needs. also sometimes i forget to write in my journal about what you guys need prayer for. and i need to start praying and reading my bible more. please pray for me in that area. sorry if I'm going off on a bunny trial, but also i know you guys all have TTGJ, and your super good at writing in them, and they are super special, but i write in my journal, as like a dear God and Dear journal. is that okay? once i start my next journal which is not to far from now, i am going to write it more as a TTGJ, anywho, love you all! i will post hopefully later today about ZANY! one more thing, i had my first basketball practice yesterday, it went pretty well, i have my second one today.


I'll be praying for you Sara. Also can you pray for me because I'm really sick and I got only 5 hours of sleep last night:( I'll be thinking about ZESTY Miss Nancy!!
Love Y'all!!


Hello everyone!!

I'm praying for all of you. Please pray for me because I've been having a LOT of trouble at school. Homework and Classes have been really hard and stressful and I feel like my friends at school are angry at me and I don't know why. Maybe it's all in my head.

Anyway, to know God is close we need to be Zany in the way of being Zany in this cruel world's eyes. Let me explain. Basically, unchristain people think we are zany in a bad way, since they think christain people are crazy and stupid. But in God's eyes we are perfect and zany in a good way. Therefore, in this cruel world's eyes, we must be zany!

Sorry if I made that sound really weird or confusing but that's actually what the pastor told my church about last Sunday!

Cheerfully In Christ,


Oh! And I am zany because when other people I know make fun of others and gossip, I try my best not too.


Wow, you guys all have great points! I think zany is about being different, even with small things and making serving God a fun thing. For example, yesterday I made a Serving Jar with things I could do for others right then, like leaving a note or giving them a compliment. Also not being a boring person just because you're Christian (such a false stereotype, right?!)
Sara, I think whatever way you pray is fine, as long as it works for you! Will be praying for you and Wendy.
-Asher ^_^

Ashlyn ;)

To be zany is to be clownish or foolish. I think you mean that we can cut ourselves slack once in awhile and have fun and enjoy life. You want us to think of creative ways to have fun with God. I will try to think of more ;).


Whoops! I meant to say Zany in my last comment:)


i think Im zany when my brother tries to get me to do something that isn't right i usually feel super GUILTY if we don't get caught by our parents or i don't tell on us but recently I've been resisting the temptation by putting myself through a check list of what's would's if's it's and do's what would God say about this? would I be bringing God glory? do i need to rethink this? if my mom or dad saw this would they be disappointed? the list goes to about 15 things and my brother might not like it and i might feel like i betrayed him but i don't feel to bad because i'm doing the right thing


oh! and notice how nowhere on the preview of of my check list includes the word "but"? thats because there's no but's about it (no pun intended) if we're doing whats right we shouldn't turn around and say but i want to do this because you end up just feeling confused.

BTW please pray for my little cousin Isabella it's her first Christmas and i want it to be special :)


hi my MW sisters! thanks for all the prayers, i will totally be praying for you! i think zany means to be different from the world, and to not be afraid to be yourself, and to be free to be silly and to have fun when the time is right. anywho, love ya'll! PFAYGMFMW! LAYGMFMW! YGAMBF!


We need to be set apart from the rest of the world. That's what I think that zany means. I am zany even to other kids in my youth group because I think that ages eight to fourteen are entirely too young to have a girlfriend/boyfriend (anyone agree with me?), I don't say things like OMG, and I always try to do what I'm supposed to, and not do what I'm not supposed to. I also don't have a phone.


By the way, I LOVE those socks!!!


i agree Olivia, that's cool, and ya i am not allowed to date until i am like 18. even then i am NOT going to have a boyfriend unless i know for sure he is the one God has for me!


Dress however you want. Don't be afraid to show your self and God's love even if it is wearing zany clothes!


I need to be zany by not caring of people think I'm crazy for doing things for God, like not listening to the wrong music. Even my Christian friends thought it was funny how little secular music I know.


The Bible says to make time to spent time with God. Even if it means skipping parties with your best friends and it makes them think you're ZANY.


What!!? The profile picture changed AGAIN!!


Dear my lovely and ZANY mini- women,
First things first...
* I believe that you chose zany to fill in the blank because we need to be different from others and be just like Jesus, even if that means others view us as peculiar, odd, and ZANY. We need to express God's love through our actions, words,and even everyday choices like clothing.
* Others view me as zany when I don't cuss and when I don't understand inappropriate references, and I don't have a desire to. Also, when I try to glorify God in everything I do, even trying to explain God to friends and people I know.
* Please pray for my family as I am for yours. We are having MAJOR financial issues. Also, pray for the world to be peaceful and a decent place for us to grow up in.
I love you my wonderful mini- women!

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