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December 01, 2015


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I love both Halle Belle's and Asher's calender's! They are so creative! Amazing job you lovely ladies! I feel like I am always wanting and wishing for me, my family, and friends could be better at things. For example, wishing my family got along and we could all 7 siblings of mine, there spouses, kids, could be together for Christmas. Whether it is distance or a fight keeping us apart, I always WISH and WANT us to be together.


Hey, sorry been gone for so long, just going back and reading some posts, I would like to be in for the advent calendar. THanks!!

Ashlyn ;)

Happy December everyone! Love the calendars Asher and Halle Belle! The closet I feel most locked up in is the closet of choices. The biggest choice I struggle with is who to be friends with. I try to be careful…. But sometimes its hard to tell who are the good, bad, real, and fake friends. I will try to post more later! ;)


Hello everyone! Happy Advent! Merry Christmas!

So, one 'closet' I feel trapped in is that I feel that I am really scared of failure at school. Anytime I have a test or something I study and study and study and study until I get everything perfect. And if I get more than 2 wrong I get really upset.

Please pray for me, since I have a spanish test on Friday and I haven't studied, since I didn't even know I had a test until today! I'm super nervous!

Cheerfully In Christ,


Halle Belle, your collage looks very professional and I love the fun words at the bottom! Praying, Wendy and Kaylee. I have a ton of tests next week, so please pray for me too.
One closet I'm locked into is trying to find my talents and how I can use them, because it seems as if everyone's found theirs already and are cruising through life.
-Asher ^_^


hi everyone! i love the talking to God journals! i hope you get a good grade on that test Wendy Spanish is something that will be great to know later on but I've been taking French parle voue Francis?

my closet is wondering if i should try to be different when my friends decide they want something different and leave me out it makes me mad when my friends tell me that the reason was because they weren't feeling well or something and it makes me feel as if they don't want to be with me because i wasn't born in America like they were but at least there's one friend who won't leave


Hey girls! So sorry I haven't been on recently but school keeps me busy. I would love to be in for advent! I will be going on vacation this Saturday till next Saturday so I will try to keep up to date on the posts. I will pray for everyone! If you could pray for me and my family as we travel that we will stay safe. ><> Erin


Oh and my closet is worrying about the future. ><> Erin


One of the closets i feel locked into is:
*Wishing that i was like everybody else.

Eve ><>



Hows it going everybody?!?!?! ^_^


I'm in the worry about how others will think about me closet.


Please pray for me ladies. If you're in middle school hopefully you know that feeling around exam and mid-term time and besides that you have a TON of other tests to take that impact your grade a lot . Pray I have the patience and wisdom I need for our exams in 2 weeks.


I'll be praying Kaylee! Love the calendars. I have a closet similar to yours Mrs. Rue. I like to keep everyone smiling and when people are feeling down I can't help but ask what's wrong even if it's none of my business. Sometimes if the problem is really bad I should just pray for them.


Thank you so much Alyssa! 22 days til Christmas! Who's excited?! I know I am!


Hi everybody! I'm praying for you Kaylee! And OF COURSE I am super excited for Christmas!! I can't believe it's only 22 days away.

So, at the time I am posting this, my test is tomorrow. It's actually a Science test not a Spanish test. I'm very nervous! Please pray for me! Maybe, by the time your reading this, I've gotten the paper back and I got an A+!

I thought of another closet I feel trapped in: wondering what everyone else thinks about me. I worry people think I am stupid or immature.

Cheerfully In Christ,


hey there, i am Sophia and I'm exited too Kaylee. How did the test go Wendy? One of the closets i'm trapped in is i am super insecure...I would like to subscribe for the advent please!!!!! how is every one? have fun on the trip Erin! i live in India...i have been praying about me and being insecure though, and God has absolutely made it much easier!!!!!!!!!!! we are not worrying about spelling, right? that is my very worst subject. i am soooo exited about this advent thing, and i would really like some tips about how to take care of my skin...i am having the worst back cramps ever, and this week i went to a birthday party...a sports on, and my leg had to start growing just as a football game started... i could not even run!

Halle Belle

Welcome, Sophia!
I will be praying for all my mini-women!
I can relate to a lot of y'all's closets. Mine though would be wondering if people think I am too authentic. Sometimes that makes me want to NOT be myself, which I know is NOT good for me.
I am so excited about Advent!

Halle Belle

Halle Belle

Oh, Asher, I love your calendar!

Halle Belle


Hey everyone. Welcome Sophia!

My science test went okay. It was way easier than I expected. I haven't gotten my grade yet, though. But I'm guessing I got a good grade.


Welcome to the blog Sopia. Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been on the blog lately. I have had a lot of schoolwork lately. I'm in on the advent thing! One of my closets right now would probably be that I have been getting annoyed easily lately.
ILYGMCAHA (I Love a You Girls Merry Christmas And Happy Advent)
💗 Grace

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