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December 08, 2015


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Hello everyone!

So, the one to two word God cries I wrote were "COMFORT ME!" "UNLOCK!" "HELP! IT'S SO CRAMPED IN HERE!" and "I CAN BARELY BREATHE!"

I am praying for all of you. Please pray for me. I have another Spanish test Friday and it's really hard! We have to memorize the Christmas Hymn "Silent Night" in Spanish.

A few things I need to repent of are:
1) envying. Although, for me it's not items, I just get easily jealous when someone starts talking to my CFF a lot.
2) Being rude to my Mom and Dad. I've been getting better at not doing that though.
3)Swearing. I don't do it a lot, but sometimes boys in my class call me a wimp or a baby if I don't and the pressure just gets to be too much.
4) Playing Video Games when I should be doing something else. I'm getting better at not doing this but I still do sometimes.

Cheerfully in Christ,


Things about John the Baptist: Though he was perceived as one of the most zany and faithful believers in the Bible, at a time he doubted God.
18The disciples of John the Baptist told John about everything Jesus was doing. So John called for two of his disciples, 19 and he sent them to the Lord to ask him, “Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting,[b] or should we keep looking for someone else?” -Luke 6
Also, he was born to Elizabeth six months before Jesus, who was Mary's relative even though she was well past childbearing age.
Now to the repent list: !Envying how well others do !Being grumpy with my mom !Getting distracted.


Hello there. i guess i am am rude with my mom and dad sometimes....and getting distracted is totally up my ally. i have also found another closet, when someone is better than me, i like, shut down. i donnot listen any more i just shut! i am like a cumputer i guess. please also pray for my langouge in m school... i have done a absaloute F!!! i have to get better grades, i cried 2 hours after school. just found another closet! i really really want to impress my elders and everybody else that existes!!!!!!! here are the late four word prayers i have done so far...Help Me Now! I Want Out! I Want Out!Unlock this silly closet! and my faverate one is this one: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELp!


Hell0 again...i need some tips on how to get to sleep. i have tried drinking warm milk, having sleepy medicen every night, no caffeene 5 hours before bed, and um, even sleeping on the floor! non of it helps.... i need some help(anoteher closet is cannot sleep)

Halle Belle

Things I need to repent:

! Destroying others instead of building them up
! Feeding trash to God's temple
! Complaining about things I do not want to do
Praying for all.

Halle Belle

Sophia: Try writing in a journal before bed. Talk to God about things that bother you or you need help with. Also, share things you are happy about like a good test score. It is a good way to calm your spirit before bed. Listing to calm music can also be helpful. Stretching is something I do to help my body relax. Wear comfortable Pj's. I hope this helps you, Sophia!

Halle Belle

Would you all please pray for me? I am having my first period!

Halle Belle


Hello everyone!

I am praying for you all. I will totally pray for you Halle Belle! First periods are tough, but you get used to it.

Please pray for me, I have too many tests at school to name! I did really bad on a Bible Quiz today, We had to memorize a bible verse, and I was sick the last few days so I forgot to study!

Sophia, maybe try to read a book or do something relaxing before you go to sleep. Don't use electronics before sleeping, and if you do, make sure the lighting on the computer is low. And sometimes, having a routine you do before bed helps. Like, change into Pajamas, drink warm milk, then read, the brush your teeth and stuff. It might not work the first time, but, eventually, your body will associate that routine with sleeping. I'm praying for you!

Cheerfully in Christ,


I'll be praying for you Halle Belle! Have you ever read te Body Book? That's an awesome book for when you get your first period.

I need help with pride. One of my God cries is, "Why is this happening?!"



Congratulations Halle Belle! I will be praying. You should read Mrs. Nancy's You! A Christian Girl's Guide to Growing up. Sophia, I have the same problems. You should grow out of it, but if not, it helps to talk to your doctor and he/she should prescribe or recommend something. A majority of it is putting all your faith in God, even when you still get scared and afraid of the things that come to your mind. I have a few tips...
* Try thinking of thoughts like what heaven will be like. When I have that problem I pray for my family members, friends, strangers, things on the news, and whatever comes to mind. If I describe things in detail, I usually fall asleep in the middle of my prayer. My Mom came up with that trick. *Also, make sure you are not to hot or to cold. Try putting the fan on high and layer the blankets if you get cold.
* Stretch right before bed. It should relax your muscles. Don't exercise though just something simple like touching your toes for 10 seconds.
* Write in your Talking to God journal. Vent and draw pictures in it to describe what you are feeling.
* Blink really fast for a minute. It should make your eyes tired, almost forcing you to fall asleep.
I hope that helped Sophia.
My cries to God are..
1. YELLING at my siblings.
2. Being DISRESPECTFUL to my parents and back-talking them.
3. LYING when I am afraid of telling the truth.
4. JEALOUSY of girls who are prettier, nicer, and a lot more respectful than I am.
5. Being SCARED of every little thing and not putting trust in God.
6. Joining in on GOSSIPING and PUTTING OTHERS DOWN when I hear others doing it.
7.Being DISTRACTED when I don't get what I want or get "bored"
I am sure there are tons more that I am being absent minded about. I posted my God cries on the last post if anyone wants to read them.


My God cries are kinda a Chain reaction:
And one of my '!' is:
!Sometimes not listening to my parents the first time they say it. (I'm guessing that I'm not alone...)
!Sometimes yelling at my family without a warning or without being nice about whatever it is...

Happy Advent! ILYGMFMW!
Eve ^_^


Congratulations Halle Belle!!!! I haven't started mine yet, so I have no advice on that sort of thing.
I also recommend Miss Nancy's book.



Congrats Halle Belle. You'll be fine. Read Miss. Nancy's Body Talk and A Christian's Girl Guide to growing up :)
Hadassah xxx

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