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December 11, 2015


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Hello everybody!

Please Pray for me. But, good news, I got all correct on two tests I was nervous for, and one wrong on the other! I'm praying for you all, of course.

So, I want to start working on writing down 5 things I'm thankful for to stop being greedy. I did that and it's already helping! I'm also working on not swearing, and well, basically everything!

I have a friend sleeping over tonight who should be here any minute, so that's why this comment is short. I'll send you all updates on how the steps I am going to take go!

Cheerfully In Christ,

Ashlyn ;)

I'm praying Wendy! Sorry I haven't been here in a while.... School has been interesting. I'm not going to be able to answer this until I think more about it since I haven't been here for the last 3 posts. I love you all, and I will post again soon! ;)


It's good to have you back, Ashyln! I will reward myself after doing some tedious task to keep from distracted, and congratulate whoever I'm in envy of when I'm jealous. For example, when my friend got full marks on a test, I made a card for them instead of groaning about it.


Hi girls! I missed you so much lately! I'm sooooo sorry I haven't commented in awhile. Swimming has taken up a lot of my time. Speaking of swimming, I have a big meet tommrow! Super nervous. Please pray for me!!!! I'm praying for you Wendy! A small step I have made in my life is I have started a jar of "hearts". It's a jar where I put verses from the bible that I like and that cheer me up. And then whenever I'm sad or mad or lonely or anything I just reach in to the jar, grab a couple of the inspiring verses and read them!! It really helping me a lot! Lots of love to you all!


I will be praying Amanda and Wendy!! It's great to have you back Ashlyn! Now, I want to stop feeding my "temple" trash, but with Christmas coming hall I ever see is sweets, sweets and more sweets. Did I mention sweets? So I'm going to take that one step and ask my mom if I can have a section of the fridge with "Alyssa" snacks. They can be healthy and delicious. That peanut butter on crackers snack sounds delicious Mrs. Rue!


Love your ideas ladies! I love that 'heart' verse jar idea Amanda! I think I'll try that. To stop thinking or saying negative thoughts about myself, then I'll do the plus and minus idea Miss Nancy had. With plus' every time I think good thoughts, and minus' every time is think a bad one. And for Envying, I'll do the writing down 5 thankful things activity.

Eve ><>


I'm sorry I haven't been on, we had a loss yesterday, its been really hard, so just please keep us in your prayers. i will try to catch up, also i have been busy with basketball, but also i probably wont be on for a while.


I will keep you in my prayers Sara, and remember, always have faith in God, even through the tough times. We will miss you! I love you Sara, always remember that. We are sisters through Christ and I will always be there for you. Also, I hear you Alyssa, except as my friends call me, I am a "little flower of allergies", and part of my tens of thousands of allergies is peanuts, peanut butter, peanut oil, etc. Amanda, I love your Bible Verse jar idea! Would you mind if I do that, because I am so looking forward to making it! Asher, I love your idea of making cards, and giving compliments to friends when we envy them! Please pray for me! My exams start tomorrow and it is my gym exam and then the rest of the week is early release and 2 exams each day! I am freaking out because this will be my first midterms. Chorus and art should be VERY easy, but my math and science are concerning me. For FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes and students)we are watching Charlie Brown Christmas, having a party and then praying over our exams that say, so that should help. So, sorry for all the details, I just chatter a lot when I am nervous. The steps I am taking are...
* Making cards and writing notes for those I envy (thanks for that wonderful idea Asher!)
*Promising myself a reward when I get distracted.
* Give myself a confidence booster( like complimenting myself when I accomplish something) when I second guess myself.
*Writing down Bible verses to dedicate my time to loving God more.
*Setting a timer starting with 20 minutes of God time!
I am sure there are tons more, so I will post them if I ever remember!


Hi girls, this is my first post but I think you all are awesome. Your heart verse idea is really cool Amanda! I hope exams and swimming and basketball go well for all of you. I was just wondering, what would you say someone who thinks you are a weirdo for wearing your cross and actively being a Christian? I'm praying for all of you.

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