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December 07, 2015


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Halle Belle

Here are my prayers:

1. Set me free!
2. I don't want to be in here!
3. This place is heinous! Get me out!
4. I'm scared! Unlock my closet!

Praying for all.

Halle Belle


Welcome, Sophia! My four-word prayer is 'help me look up!' Meaning to fix my eyes on God and not look back and go back into that errie cupboard. Thank you for praying, so far my tests have went well! :)
-Asher ^_^


My four word prayers are...
1. I don't know what to do! Get me out!
2. Help me to fix my eyes on you!
3. Unlock all my fears and get them out!
4. Set my spirit free!
5. Please get rid of all my troubles and worries!
Okay, maybe they aren't anywhere close to 4 words... Have a wonderful weekend ladies and I ask that you let my Mom's mammogram come back clear!


1. I can't do this on my own God
2. Help me Lords!
3. I'm your servant. Please help me!
4. Listen to my voice!

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